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You can trust that we've done the hard work in research to provide the best wigs on the market. We stock beautiful human hair wigs and incredibly realistic synthetic wigs. Our wigs are made using the highest quality synthetic fibres to give that natural human hair appearance. Our lace front wigs are made using swiss lace. They're not only comfortable to wear, natural looking but shed minimally ensuring durability. All wigs are washable and high temperature resistant. Curl it or straighten it to achieve the perfect look! We also believe in giving back so we are committed to donating 5% of sales to breast cancer research. So every wig you buy you will be joining with us to help towards finding a cure for cancer. 

Maria is super helpful and very prompt to respond to any questions you have after purchase. It was the best customer service and omg the hair.... Best hair pieces in BRISBANE, HANDS DOWN!! I am a customer that she will have for a lifetime!!

Soli Taire

I just lost for words for how amazing this morning was 💕after i met Maria the owner of this wig shop, she gave advised and service not like shop owner to a customer but more like old friend, a sister, treat me like a family, i came across her beautiful wig shop through searching for good quality and affordable price for wigs, as an alopecia survivors i have quite a bit of wigs i bought from other shop/online, some of them are very expensive but still not really great quality and as i overcome my alopecia my love of wigs keep continue. Wigs in this shop is really GOOD!! and very REASONABLE price, I tried more then 10 of wigs and none of them are bad, NONE! all the wigs are beautiful and really looks natural. Went there to buy a wig but then I came home with few of wigs, beautiful warm heart feelings and of course beautiful new friendships! I will never ever buy wigs in other shop ever again. Will be loyal customer for sure 💕


I had an appointment today and to be completely honest my expectations were absolutely blown out of the water! The wigs, the service and the overall experience was nothing short of amazing, just like Maria herself. There needs to be more women like Maria within the beauty industry, she was so professional and knowdgeable but at the end of our session I just had to say, it was like catching up with an old friend! I had fun, we talked and laughed and shared stories... she's just someone you want to do business with!! AND THE WIGS! I can't even begin to describe the wigs! I am just so impressed. Quality, quantity, everything. I cannot praise Let's WIGgIT enough, you need to check it out yourself. Amazing. Thank you Maria!


Wow what can I say? This is the 3rd time I have been to Let's Wiggit and I must say the service and the kindness shown by the staff is second to none. The ladies will spend as much time with you as needed. You are never made to think that you are taking too long to choose your favourite wig. They help you in every way.

I have also had a friend from Victoria come up and purchase a wig as well. Personally, I have purchased 4 wigs. I have just finished chemotherapy and I am so impressed with Let's Wiggit that I have placed their business cards in the cancer centre for all to see.

Thank you so much Maria and staff. You truly made me feel special.


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Great hair undoubtedly can boost your confidence in an instant, making you feel fabulous and confident once again. Whatever the reason we have the right hair for you! And the best thing is that you're not damaging your own hair and spending hundreds at the hair salon trying to achieve the perfect look. Make your dreams a reality today! Come visit us we have a huge range! 


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